GCC and the next ambitious

‘We want to be partners, not followers’

The role of GCC has not been clear for many decades since its inception on the regional and Arab front as it is now. We respect and applaud its leaders for their explicit role to impose no-fly
zone on Libya for the protection of its armless Libyan people. We also applaud the clear and effective role of GCC in our strategic depth in Arab Island when it came out with a strong demand from Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down from power.

Honestly as a dream, I did not expect that the role of GCC will be clear and so strong.

Almost all the regional newspapers including American papers exposed the unfortunate events of Bahrain and security breach, which Kuwait underwent recently before Bahrain. It has to realize now its real and influential role at both the levels Gulf, and the Arabian Peninsula or in the depth of the Arab and Egypt in particular.

The entry of Peninsula Shield Forces turned the table on the Americans and other countries that aspired to have a role of a policeman in the region, which no one expected. The difference
between the governments of the GCC countries is natural and it occurs among all countries, but most the beautiful part is that these differences exceeded in the matters related to the strategic
red lines about which the difference is not possible to happen.

With regard to the legitimacy and legality of the access of the Peninsula Shield Forces and Gulf opinions that challenge its legitimacy and see that this is a derogation of the sovereignty of
Bahrain, I believe that their entry and their presence is normal and they have more legitimacy than the presence of the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain and any military presence of the allied countries in the region. In all cases, no one could yet prove that the intervention of these forces is limited in number with regard to the Bahraini internal affairs. I see that the intervention of these forces is a clear political message to all the countries that the security of Bahrain and the strategic region is a red line and not a back garden for playing for any external forces.

This does not mean that we are escalating a sectarian tension in Bahrain, which will have serious repercussions in future on the security of Bahrain and the region, but the law must be applied
to those who sold themselves and their home countries to the forces which sought over the centuries to control Bahrain to reach what follows, using the sectarian arm to achieve their

The US government and other such countries are eyeing for their interests in this region and this is logical and understandable, but the GCC’s relationship must not turn from the relation of alliance with the Americans to the relationship of a follower. We want to be partners not followers of anyone.

We hope that the recent stands of the GCC in the Arabian Gulf will not just be a reaction that is diminishing with the passage of time. The GCC in order to achieve its goals must direct itself in
the east to China and other countries to create a kind of strategic balance and build a political and military power to protect the region from foreign greed and this cannot be achieved
without reforms within GCC countries and expansion of public participation in decision-making centers and the establishment of some national strategic centers. We should not rely on the centers of Western think-tank, as they think for the benefit of their home countries before everything and work to dilute and breakthrough the minds of people in the region to achieve their
national interests.

The Gulf and the depth Egyptian Arabism will be a formidable force in the future if we supported the democracy there.
In order to be strong outside we must be strong from the within through faith in the minds of people of the country who wants reform and not the overthrow of the systems. The attention of
the people of Kuwait to the House of Al Sabah after the Iraqi invasion is the best proof of the people in the Gulf who want to renovate the systems and not to topple them, so open the doors to hear the voice of your fellow citizens.

"Allah" know best the intention behind one’s deeds

Published in The Peninsula
13, April, 2011

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